AU Gold Bar For Sale

Pure AU Gold Bar For Sale

Pure AU Gold Bar For Sale , Our Pure Gold bars are competitively priced, based on daily prices in the international bar market. The price is inclusive of customs duty and other charges involved in the retailing of Gold bars

23 Carat Gold bars, Nuggets & Dust is imported from  Central Africa Republic, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo . This Gold bars, Nuggets & Dust 97.99% Assay Certification.

Highest level of purity, in accordance with international standards.

Content Gold Bars
Quality 23 Carats
Purity / Finess 97.99%
Minimum Order 5 KG
Suppling Ablity 520 KG / Month


Buy gold from Africa online through us


Buy gold from Africa online without you coming physically to Africa to invest. I know how challenging it might be for some people to come to Africa that is why as a professional company or business people we decided to extend our scope of doing business in a way that we can ship or transport the gold to the buyer in whatever country the buyer can be so long as he or she can accept the terms and conditions of the trade in such a circumstance. So many people want to buy make online gold purchases but one thing I want to make clear is that please make sure that you find the right business partner because as much as this business is lucrative its also having a very high risk. So if you want to invest in the precious metals today either in bars or nuggets then you must make sure that you buy gold from Africa online through us.

Buy gold from Africa online at cheap and affordable prices


The main core of doing business is always to make sure that you get a profit in return so that you can grow the business or expand it on a large scale. The fact that we have different source that provide us with gold from different countries in Africa we always make sure that we have very competitive prices that we are selling our Dore bars because in Africa there is no ready market for this product. So if you want to enjoy business in the gold industry then you must make sure that you buy gold from Africa online at cheap and affordable prices. Trust me trading with us guarantees you maximum profits.

Buy gold from Africa online in large or small quantities


As a legit business company we believe that business is gradual which is why we also sell to individuals or even those that are new to this kind of business because its one business that is much easy since the gold bars and nuggets are having a wide market in the world. The demand is increasing day by day and it’s because of this reason that we suggest our clients should make purchases with in their budget. The least quantity of gold bars or nuggets that we sell is 200 grams.

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